CHRISTEENEa sexually infused sewer of live rap and vile shamelessness”—is a character created by Austin-based performance artist Paul Soileau.  Hailed as the “filthy future” of drag,  CHRISTEENE’s unique charm—if it can be called that—is her unequivocal departure from the airbrushed glamor of RuPaul and Lady Chablis.  She is decidedly an ANTI-queen who prefers jock straps to garters and bruises to blush.  Vesper believes that Soileau is an extraordinarily brave performer, and we appreciate his unapologetic portrayal of a queer character that is honest, ugly, naive, foul and sexy all at once.  But don’t listen to us.  According to CHRISTEENE, she’s “just singin . . . [which] comes as natural as shittin.”

Check out our interview and her frighteningly entertaining performance of “Tears from My Pussy” at Austin’s 2012 Fusebox Festival

CHRISTEENE’s obscene and wonderful songs can be found on her new album WASTE UP, KNEEZ DOWN, available now.

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