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UPDATED: Bear in Heaven–Two Live Tracks at The Parish

Pop yet unequivocally experimental, Bear in Heaven is a Brooklyn outfit founded by frontman Jon Philpot. The band is synth-driven three piece that Pitchfork laments as impossibly hard to classify: “something familiar, wholly of the moment, and yet impossible to pin down – you knew some combination of ‘indie,’ ‘rock,’ ‘synth,’ ‘dance,’ and ‘electro’ should […]

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Look, there’s no avoiding it.  Dangeresque is >75% thick-rimmed glasses and ironic T-shirts.  They opened their set with Brad Neely’s “Be Aggressive” of Babycake’s fame (which we, regrettably, did not commit to video).  So, yeah.  They’re hipsters.  But they put on a great, unpretentious and thrilling show.  We can’t wait to see them again. A […]

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Just Ask the Axis: Trailer; Waldo and The Naturals

Last weekend, Vesper co-sponsored Just Ask the Axis at Cheer Up Charlie’s, where we got facerocked by a a genuinely impressive assortment of bands, most of whom were new or newish to the scene. Check out our trailer above.  That’s a small slice of what we saw.  To give ya’ll the bigger picture, we’re rolling […]

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Just Ask the Axis Preview: The Sweet Nuthin

Vesper spent the weekend with The Sweet Nuthin.  We brought our cameras and our preposterously attractive staff to shoot a Summer send-off.  That’s right:  it’s Summer in Texas, ya’ll.  Anyway, Sweet Nuthin’s “One More Way of Moving On” will get your blood flowing.  Remember, it ain’t nuthin if you’re just making eyes–so ogle away.   […]

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Charmingly Infamous Courtney Taylor-Taylor Tells Us How to Eat and Drink Like Henry VIII

In an exclusive interview on the eve of the first Dandy Warhols release in three years (This Machine), lead vocalist and guitarist Courtney Taylor-Taylor confides what he loves and hates about album unveilings, his faith in the DW fan base, and his weakness for Norwegian women.  The result?  The (sometimes solecistic) musings of a notoriously […]

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The Time Traveler–Brian Day

By now, we all know the story.  After the economic crisis of 2008, Detroit became the poster child for urban blight.  Metro area homes were abandoned by the hundreds of thousands.  Of the homes that were sold, some went for as little as a single dollar.*  Even the big guys were hurting.  Remember the GM […]

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Black Taxi: The New Standard for Live, Indie Performance?

Black Taxi is a wonderful, wacky, high-energy, double-fronted, musically promiscuous band from Brooklyn. Their live show is one of the best on the indie scene.  We caught them at Firehouse last week.  If you get a chance to see these guys, take it.  Not everybody has this kind of bravura. CAJUNCREOLE.COM/RVC/rogersvillealabama.com/dir/ © Vesper Magazine 2012

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Austin’s 6th Street through the lens of Jeff Vaillancourt


Vesper:  What draws you to 6th Street?   credit repair clinics exploiting Jeff Vaillancourt:  It’s all about stolen moments.  I truly enjoy waiting and searching for that perfect moment that will tell a story, or stories, in a single shot. V:  Influences? JV:  I have influences, yeah.  Henri Cartier-Bresson, Peter Turnley, and so on, but I […]

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Ash Wednesday, New York


Evelyn: Thousands of roses and lots of chocolate truffles. Godiva, and oysters in the half-shell. Patrick: [Narrating] I’m trying to listen to the new Robert Palmer tape, but Evelyn, my supposed fiancée, keeps buzzing in my ear. Evelyn: Annie Leibovitz. We’ll get Annie Leibovitz. And we’ll have to get someone to videotape. Patrick, we should […]

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